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Full stack dev, Data sci, AI, ML

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Working experience

Full stack developer
2019 - Now
(Parallel working and learning)
A website for kaokonlakao thailand biggest running event started by P'Toon.
Tabshier pay
A payment gateway system used by Kaokonlakao, Thailand smiles with you and other organizations.
A preorder system for buying special limited Leicester City special shirt integrated with Tabshier pay and has ability to issue tax invoices.
KoyToon wedding registration system
A registration system designed to secure KoyToon wedding event from bad person by using QR Code scanning.
Big mountain music festival 2020 card distribution and preorder system
A system designed to distribute BMMF 2020 preorder card quickly using QR Code scanning and handle BMMF 2020 merchandise preorder and tax invoice.
A system designed to handle BMMF 2020 refund registration due to COVID-19 outbreak.
A registration system for C-Vitt Ruamkao free tutoring at Bitec Bangna.
A system for volunteer to help checking virtual run submissions whether it is fake or not.
Full stack developer
2017 - 2019 responsive and optimized website for a screening company.
Somsritshirt backend
Backend of a screening company mainly consist of orders and screening workflow management.
Competition / Projects

Competitions / Projects

13th Thailand Olympaid in Informatics (TOI13)
Silver Medal
An thailand olympic competition focusing in algorithm. Passed into a camp before selecting thailand representative to participate in International Olympaid in Informatics (IOI).
4th Place of Student Category
The biggest 2-month online data science, data analytics and algorithm in asia.
First place
A thailand chatbot competition organized by G-Able, FSTT and TOT.
Startup Thailand League 2019
Accepted for demo day
A biggest startup competition for university students in thailand.
Web Design & Maintenance Support
A thailand biggest conference for python programming language
Help fix an issue in mxgraph open source project. Mxgraph is an open source (popular diagraming website).
An open source api application that let static site client communicate with Dialogflow to build chatbot without leaking credentials.
ChomChat (not yet public)
An chatbot building tool that let you build very complex chatbot by using just javascript knowledge and without designing any state machine.
First place
A annually speed coding competition organized by a member of PyCon Thailand community.
First place
A annually speed coding competition organized by a member of PyCon Thailand community.
First place
A annually speed coding competition organized by a member of PyCon Thailand community.
A data science hackathon organized by RISE.
An open source library trying to make advanced web event such as resize event write easier.


Computer Engineering
GPA: 3.86 / 4.00
2018 - 2022
Pratice a multi-label image classification kaggle competition.
A game developed using java. Craft item and use your sword or place bomb to kill enemies.
Frontend and backend for CUBlood registration system.
Middle and High School
GPA: 3.93 / 4.00
2012 - 2018
A high accuracy tool for analysing running time and speed.
An education media focused on learning about health and sexual.
An education physic simulation focused on force, fiction and slope.
Elementary School
2003 - 2012


  • algorithm
  • c++
  • vue
  • laravel
  • entity-framework
  • dotnet-core
  • payment-gateway
  • nuxt
  • go
  • react
  • pug
  • php
  • data-science
  • computer-vision
  • machine-learning
  • game
  • java
  • loopback
  • embedding-system
  • web
  • And many more...

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